Former Dio drummer Simmon Wright was the recent guest of the Meltdown Show and he revealed what Ronnie James Dio would think about his hologram concert.

Simon admitted that Ronnie would like the project. However, he would have lots of questions about it.

Here is what he said:

“I think he would have lots of questions about it. He would’ve looked at the technical side of it, and then he would’ve asked some more questions about it.

He was right up on technology, anything that was coming out that was new, like, one of the first guys who got a computer. You think back, the transition we had from cassettes to CDs, to DVDs and stuff like that.

When you think back about some of the shows he put on, like, the Dio shows, the big productions and stuff like that, Wendy told me that he and she were talking about the holograms and stuff a long, long time ago.

I’m not quite sure that the technology was as advanced as it is now, but I think that he would have had some questions, but he would see it as an incredible piece of technology, that it is, and it’s the continuation of entertainment.

You’ve got albums, cassettes, CDs, DVDs, and now you’ve got holograms. You’ve got iPhones, and you go to a gig, we call it the ‘holoshow,’ put it on YouTube… technology is just turning over.

It’s really just another form of technology. It’s not like we’re trying to resurrect him from the dead, we know what happened to him. It’s a big thing that he did with all of us, he instilled the workaholic kind of thing with us, he’s relentless that way.

This is just a continuation of that, it’s just keeping his legacy alive and celebrating it in a live situation. I think he would like that.”

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