Wendy Dio recently replied to Vivian Campbell’s statements about being a cheap person on The Metal Voice YouTube channel. Wendy stated that they never paid a small amount of money to the band members, and if they were, it wouldn’t be possible for Campbell to buy his Ferrari.

There has been a long-running conflict between Dio and his guitarist Vivian Campbell. The late musician fired Campbell because of some conflicts in business, and at that time, the band’s manager was Wendy.

According to Wendy, they had to pay the band’s expenses out of their pocket. Therefore, the Dios had to mortgage their house and invest everything in the band when they first began. She recently stated that she is tired of hearing from Campbell that Ronnie Dio was a cheap person and explained the band’s financial situation back then.

Aside from discussing their challenging financial situation, Wendy went on to say that Vivian Campbell’s accusations don’t make sense. She said that all the band members bought luxurious houses and cars with the money they earned by working with Ronnie. Thus, Wendy questioned how Vivian could have afforded a Ferrari if he made $100 a week.

Here is Wendy’s explanation:

“They were a band, but they were paid employees. We paid for everything that was out on the road. We paid for the hotels, the crew, the buses, the trucks, the hotels. We actually mortgaged our house for us to be able to do that, so therefore, they were a band, but they were still employees. They got paid whether we had money or not.

I’ve been reading all these magazines from ’84, and even Ronnie says, ‘Egoed-out, pompous – you name it, I’ve been called it.’ What’s the biggest misconception about Ronnie, in your estimation? Vivian Campbell, who was saying he’s cheap. Ronnie was never cheap with anyone or anything ever, ever, ever. I don’t know how many people believe those things.”

She went on to claim that Campbell is lying by stating:

“I normally don’t do these things, but I wanted to put in the book about exactly how much was owed because of the fact that I am sick to death of hearing that Ronnie was cheap and paid him $100 a week. How do. He buy a Ferrari with $100 a week? How does Vinny Appice buy a house, and how does Jimmy buy a house if they only got paid $100 a week?

And that’s something that Ronnie can’t defend himself about, and I got really angry about that. A lot of people say, ‘Oh, Ronnie’s cheap.’ Ronnie was never, ever cheap. We didn’t care about money, he was never cheap.”

It is clear that the relationship between the singer and the guitarist was tense due to financial and business-related problems. Wendy said she’s the one defending Ronnie as he’s not here to do it himself, but it seems like even if he were, the two probably wouldn’t have reconciled.

You can watch the full interview below.