A genius guitarist and also known as the guy who raised Dire Straits in the ’80s, Mark Knopfler, has posted a recent audio record on his official Instagram today. Mark has paid his tribute to ‘Feel Like Going Home’ by Charlie Rich.

This week, Knopfler was one of the latest interview guests of Sirius XM’s ‘Volume’ and they’ve made a ‘British Grove Broadcast’ for the fans. At some point in the podcast, Mark recalled Charlie Rich by naming his most famous song ever: ‘Feel Like Going Home.’

While mourning his late friend and a talented country music singer Charlie Rich, he also unveiled an untold story of how did Charlie congratulated him and had a phone talk.

After they have released the cover version of the song by The Nothing Hillbilies which was a country-rock project band that was formed by Mark himself, Charlie told Mark that he loved their version of the song. However, Mark still thinks that Charlie’s version is the best one.

Here is what Mark said:

“And here is a song that we have to go, The Notting Hillbillies’ Feel Like Going Home. In fact, this was a Charlie Rich song and Charlie rang up the BBC while we were there and congratulated me for putting it together.

Extremely moved by, we had a nice conversation on the phone. But my favorite version is still Charlie’s demo which is just Charlie is demonstrating the song for someone in the studio.”

You can check out the audio record and The Notting Hillbillies version of the song below.