Dire Straits’ lead guitarist Mark Knopfler shared a post on his official Instagram page announcing a donation he made to a fundraiser supporting stage and production crew during COVID-19, and apparently, he gave away his iconic red Fender.

As you may know, the music industry has taken a hard hit during the coronavirus pandemic and live performance revenue became the biggest casualty. The shutdowns cost the industry a great deal of money, and it seems that the longer the delay, the more devastating it will get for many musicians.

Although musicians mostly try to keep their shows going by live-streaming concerts online, artists had to delay their album releases and postpone live shows. The live performance revenue is almost vanished, effectively cutting the industry’s total revenue in half.

The music industry now counts on its community with several funding efforts available to people whose income has been affected by the coronavirus. These include significant donations from several foundations.

Dire Straits’ legend Mark Knopfler recently shared a post on his official Instagram page announcing a donation to one of those foundations, named Stagehand Charity, which supports the music industry during the coronavirus pandemic. Knopfler donated his iconic blood-red Fender guitar in order to help both the stage and production crew.

Here is what his manager said in the caption:

Mark has donated one of his iconic red Fender Stratocaster guitars to a fundraising draw in aid of Stagehand Charity UK’s Covid-19 Crew Relief Fund, supporting stage and production crew through the current crisis.

This guitar was played on all of the US dates of Mark’s 2019 ‘Down The Road Wherever’ Tour and at the Verona concert of the European leg.”

Here is what Mark Knopfler added:

“‘I used this Stratocaster on the song ‘On Every Street’ towards the end of a set. I’d play it through the song then Richard Bennett would join in on his Strat and we’d double the playout figure to strengthen it when the band kicked in with the soprano sax blowing over the top.

Live music needs an army of dedicated people who make it happen everywhere, from pubs and clubs to arenas. They need a helping hand now. Please support Stagehand’ – MK”

You can see the Instagram post below.