Dire Straits’ lead vocalist and guitarist, Mark Knopfler, posted a photo on Instagram and surprised his fans with the release of an exclusive piece in honor of the two-year anniversary of his 9th solo album.

As you may recall, Mark Knopfler started his solo music career after leaving Dire Straits in 1987. He joined back Dire Straits in 1991 but as the band dissolved in 1995 for the last time, Mark focused on his career as a solo artist.

Mark Knopfler started releasing his solo records in 1996 with the ‘Golden Heart’ being the first. In 2018, he released another solo work titled ‘Down The Road Wherever‘ which achieved worldwide critical acclaim.

As the 16th of November marks the two-year anniversary of his 9th solo album ‘Down The Road Wherever,’ Mark decided to give his fans an exclusive gift, which he announced through his Instagram account.

Mark Knopfler said that the fan members of his website can now download an exclusive version of his popular song ‘My Bacon Roll‘ which was recorded in a live show in Madison Square Garden in 2019.

His fans and followers appreciated Mark’s little surprise and one of them even said that ‘Mark is the greatest ever to do it! Best ever, nobody even close!’ Some of his followers even asked him to start writing again during COVID-19 lockdown as they are excitedly expecting a new album.

Here is what Mark Knopfler said in the caption of his Instagram post:

“Today marks two years since the release of Mark’s 9th solo studio album ‘Down The Road Wherever’. To celebrate, members of Mark Knopfler’s website can download an exclusive version of ‘My Bacon Roll’, recorded live from Madison Square Garden, New York in September 2019.
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You can check out the photo that Mark Knopfler posted on his Instagram account below.