The official Instagram account of Mark Knopfler, the co-founder, and frontman of Dire Straits, posted a photo of Mark with his friend and Formula One driver Sir Stirling Moss and announced a special performance in honor of his death.

The legendary British Formula One racing driver Sir Stirling Moss sadly passed away on April 12, 2020. Known as the greatest driver never to win the World Championship, Moss won 212 of the 529 races he participated in. After he retired from public life in 2018 due to his various health problems, Stirling died at his home earlier this year at the age of 90.

Recently, the official Instagram account of Mark Knopfler shared a picture of Mark with his dear friend Sir Stirling Moss taken during a rare appearance of the two talented men for a special event.

On the caption, it was revealed that Knopfler was about to perform his famous song ‘Going Home’ from his 1983 album, ‘Local Hero.’ ‘Going Home’ was known for being played at the end of Dire Straits concerts, after all of the encores and with the lights up, so the audience knew it was time to go home.

As it was announced with Knopfler’s latest Instagram post, the iconic musician would be performing ‘Going Home’ on October 17, 2020, at Goodwood Road & Racing to commemorate his late friend and the legendary Formula One racing driver, Sir Stirling Moss.

Here’s what the caption says:

“Mark will be performing ‘Going Home’ on Saturday 17th October at Goodwood Road & Racing SpeedWeek in honor of the late Formula One racing driver, Sir Stirling Moss.

Tune in to the live stream from 4:30 pm BST on Saturday to watch the performance – link in bio.”

You can see the photo Mark Knopfler posted on his official Instagram account below.