Mark Knopfler, the frontman of the band Dire Straits, praised one of the woman leading figures of the music industry, Bobbie Gentry, on his recent conversation with SiriusXM Radio.

Bobbie Lee Gentry, who is known as one of the first female artists to compose her own music and to become excessively successful in the country and pop genres, has influenced lots of musicians over the years. Like the majority of the artists, Mark Knopfler shared his admiration over this iconic name.

Through the latest interview Knopfler gave, he explained how he was amazed by Gentry’s cover of The Beatles‘ song ‘Eleanor Rigby‘ and her personality overall. He talked about the original version of the song, which led him to praise Gentry’s version even more. He said:

“When I was listening to ‘Eleanor Rigby’ by The Beatles when I was young, I thought it was complicated. All those strings flying about all over the place… BBC prized how easily you can get to grip with it.”

After that, he spoke about how Bobbie Gentry made an impact on his and many people’s lives. He said:

“Bobbie Gentry is an incredible artist I think. Managed to pull off something that not many people can do, which is the perfect disappearing act. She was all over our screens in the late sixties and I think she decided when it was time to go and went.”

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