Dire Straits’ frontman Mark Knopfler took to his official Instagram account to share a new post and unveiled one of the unique moments in his musical career.

As you might already know, Mark had been using Gibson’s 1958 Les Paul guitar for both recording and the shows, and it became one of the closest friends to him. He used that guitar for many special moments in his career, and you can understand the meaning of this rare stuff to him.

In 2016, Gibson decided to produce the same guitar of Mark’s and released a new version of the Mark’s 1958 Les Paul. In the post, Mark revealed the first time he played with this guitar.

Mark stated that he played the replica of 1958′ Les Paul for the first time during the 80th birthday celebration of The Rolling Stones bass guitarist Bill Wyman and showed his respect to another legend in a remarkable way.

Here is what Mark Knopfler wrote:

“In 2016, Gibson released the ‘Mark Knopfler 1958 Les Paul’, a new version and precise replica of Mark’s original 1958 Les Paul guitar.

Mark played the newly issued model live for the first time during Bill Wyman’s 80th birthday party on 28th October 2016 – the former bassist of the Rolling Stones.”

You can check out the post below.