The co-founder and the frontman of Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler has recalled the times when he posed in the driving seat of a taxi and displayed his everlasting love of cars.

Knopfler has shared a rare picture of him which was taken in New York, in 1979. In the shoot, Mark Knopfler seems very cool and fit for a taxi driver as if he drove all day in the chaotic traffic of New York.

Moreover, Mark Knopfler’s passion for cars goes far beyond posing in the driving seat of a taxi. As Knopfler has revealed a short time ago, his love of cars and motorsport started as a child in the late 50s when he watched Stirling Moss, compete in a televised race.

Knopfler also occasionally competed in classic events and became friends with Moss. Mark is a collector of classic race cars. He owns a Maserati 300S and an Austin-Healy 100 and some more vintage race cars.

Here is what was said in the post that Mark Knopfler posed in the driving seat:

Mark in the driving seat of a taxi in New York in 1979.”

You can see the Instagram post below.