Dire Straits‘ guitarist and singer Mark Knopfler posted a picture of himself on Instagram and opened up about how his parents reacted to his guitar playing at the age of 16.

The talented frontman of Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler, founded the band with his younger brother, David Knopfler, in 1977. The band gained a huge success, particularly with their 1977 hit song ‘Sultans of Swing.’

After the release of Dire Straits‘ final studio album, ‘On Every Street‘ in 1991, Mark released his first-ever solo album named ‘Golden Heart‘ on March 26, 1996.

Recently on Instagram, Mark Knopfler posted a picture of himself and shared a memory from his youth while living at his parents’ house. Apparently, while he was 16 years old, Mark enjoyed playing guitar all night long which drove his parents crazy. He also mentioned that they were almost begging him to stop making noise and go to bed.

Here’s what Mark Knopfler wrote about the memory he had with his parents:

‘I remember at 16 sitting up all night trying to play the guitar, driving my poor parents nuts. They were begging me to go to bed, to stop banging my foot on the floor.’ – MK

You can see the post Mark Knopfler shared on his Instagram account below.