Dire Straits’ legendary guitarist Mark Knopfler took to his official Instagram account to share his opinion about his unique playstyle and explained why it would be a nightmare for a guitar teacher.

As you might already know, Mark impressed the whole world because not only his sound and music, he is playing the guitar without using any pick. It is like playing the banjo instead of guitar. With his distinctive style, he created a lot of iconic songs for the rock community.

While Mark shared a photo of the younger version of himself, he wrote that his playstyle is probably all wrong. As Mark stated in, it is so bad that no teacher will approve his approach to play the guitar. Also, he revealed the similarities between him and a plumber.

Here is what Mark Knopfler said:

“I have a style which is probably all wrong. It would be a guitar teacher’s nightmare. I hold a guitar like a plumber holds a hammer.”

You can check out the post below.