The Dire Straits co-founder and a talented guitarist Mark Knopfler posted a nostalgic photo on his verified Instagram page to unearth a rare interview from 2018.

As you will read a little part of the interview right below that Mark revealed his real approach to jazz and cello guitars and how can he play a song that is out of character for it.

This special post of Mark has got almost 10K likes in a really short time on Instagram.

Here is the caption:

“An extract from Mark’s 2018 interview with Music Radar: ‘The thing about the great old jazz guitars, the great old cello guitars, is that as time goes on you can do anything with them,’ he adds.

‘What I’m trying to say is I could play a song that’s ostensibly out of character for it and it will handle it, you know? You can play straight cowboy chords or just pick on them. They’re just uncanny the way that they are.’ – MK.”

An Instagram user named hosstracy made the most-liked comment on the post:

“Can’t you bury the hatchet with your brother & release new Dire Straits music? Forgive & forget. Life is too short, man.

The Robinson Brothers did it!! You can too. Let it go, let it flow. 👏👏”

You can check out that rare post below.