One of the most talented guitarists of the era and also Dire Straits legend, Mark Knopfler, has shared a recent video on his blue ticked Instagram account and share what makes him relaxed most, in the self-quarantine times.

As you may check out the description of the video he shared, Mark stated that learning to play a few chords is the only thing we need while we are stuck in our homes during the coronavirus outbreak.

Here is the caption:

“It’s a friend to you all your life. Once you’ve learned how to play a few chords, that’s all you really need’. In this clip from Soundbreaking ‘Stories From The Cutting Edge Of Recorded Music’, Mark discusses his fondness for using an acoustic guitar for songwriting.

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Mark’s follower named annick747 made one of the most-liked comment:

“Too old for learnîng guitar. Try with my son but it’s hard for me. I will stay golf for my Health and music for my brain! Good for both.😂👏”

Another user named paolobonvicini8 shared his opinion:

“Simples things are the hardest and the only ones from which masterpieces come from.”

You can watch the video of Mark below.