The co-founder and frontman of Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler has celebrated his success on YouTube as his official channel reached the milestone of 400,000 subscribers lately.

Giving the good news on Instagram Stories, the team of Mark Knopfler thanked all of his fans for supporting the legendary musician and watching his music videos, studio sessions, interviews, and all kinds of contents on his YouTube channel.

As you may recall, the team of Knopfler, who expressed their wish to get to 500,000 on Mark’s channel by the end of the year, released a special performance video of the legendary musician to celebrate his birthday a week ago.

In honor of his 71st birthday, the previously unreleased video of Mark performing ‘Rüdiger‘ from his 1996 debut solo album ‘Golden Heart’ was shared on his YouTube channel. The performance, which was held on the German TV program ‘Geld oder Liebe’, has been acclaimed by his fans and the video reached over 50,000 views on YouTube.

You can subscribe to Mark Knopfler’s channel here and watch the video of the special performance of him below.