Mark Knopfler, the co-founder and legendary frontman of Dire Straits, has admitted that he is so proud of his song ‘Going Home‘ from his debut soundtrack album, ‘Local Hero,’ while unveiling that the song has become the anthem for the Great Run project.

The Instagram team of the British icon, Mark Knopfler, has revealed on the official page of him that he has been feeling very proud recently due to the meaningful usage of his song in an annual charity run in the UK.

As you might know, Knopfler has dedicated his unforgettable song, ‘Going Home,’ from the soundtrack of the 1983 film ‘Local Hero,’ to The Great Run Company‘s traditional run. The song is also played before every home game of Newcastle United F.C., Knopfler’s local team.

Gave a special performance of ‘Going Home’ for those who ran on the weekend, Mark Knopfler proved once again how benevolent and great a musician he is. The activity Mark supports has been taken as a virtual run this year to raise funds for the NHS.

The participants have run according to the various distance options to choose from to complete over 7 or 28 days, as well as junior distance challenges for kids. It cost £10 to enter each challenge and they started every Monday.

Here is what was said in the latest Instagram post of Mark Knopfler:

“Mark is very proud his song has become the anthem for the fantastic Great Run. Watch his special performance of ‘Going Home’, dedicated to those who ran on the weekend, on BBC iPlayer (from 39:34).”

You can see the post below and check out the BBC iPlayer here.