Dirty Honey’s Marc LaBelle recently spoke about his favorite Van Halen song amid a tour with the former Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen.

After Van Halen disbanded in 2020, with Eddie’s death, his son and the band’s bassist Wolfgang Van Halen focused on the solo band Mammoth WVH he’d been working on for a while. After easing the pandemic restrictions, Mammoth WVH started touring with a new and upcoming rock band, Dirty Honey.

Dirty Honey was formed in 2017 by Marc LaBelle, John Notto, Justin Smolian, and Corey Coverstone. They released their first EP, ‘Dirty Honey’ in 2019, and their studio album with the same name in 2021. Both Mammoth WVH and Dirty Honey are currently enjoying their successful tour and giving their fans the bliss of rock music.

The band’s vocalist Marc LaBelle recently spoke about being on the road with Mammoth WVH and was asked about his favorite Van Halen song. The singer replied with their 1978 song ‘Feel Your Love Tonight.’ He also continued by stating that he loves the entire record ‘Van Halen,’ thought it was kicking ass, and said it’s a top 10 record.

The question follows:

“Given that you’re on the road with Wolf, do you have a favorite Van Halen song?”

Here is what LaBelle replied:

“Oh, yeah, I do. My favorite is probably ‘Feel Your Love Tonight,’ of that first record. It’s so cool. It feels super-live. I love that Van Halen record from top to bottom. It just totally kicks ass. That’s in the Top 10 rock records of all time for me.”

You can listen to ‘Fell Your Love Tonight’ below.