Disney has shared a new post on the official Twitter account and revealed never-before-seen footage of The Beatles from Peter Jackson’s documentary called ‘The Beatles: Get Back.

The longly awaited documentary of The Beatles has been shooting for over a year by Peter Jackson. This movie will include over 50 hours of footage from the ’70s, and it will be releasing on September 4, 2020.

In the picture, the band members are doing some rehearsal in the studio. John Lennon was smiling on the piano, and Paul McCartney is singing the song while playing his guitar. Also, Ringo Star was on the drums, and George Harrison was chilling on the stage.

Also, John Lennon’s official Instagram page has shared this post, and it got over 43K likes less than sixteen hours. Furthermore, most of the fans headed to the comment section and shared their reactions.

Here is the statement from Disney:

“Just announced: Peter Jackson’s ‘The Beatles: Get Back’ documentary, featuring never-before-seen footage of the legendary band, comes to theaters September 4, 2020. Photo Credit: ©1969 Paul McCartney / Photographer: Linda McCartney”

A fan named Linda Clark said:

“Man… Disney and The Beatles. Two of my favorite things in the world. I’ve been anticipating and very excited about this one. Let’s do this.”

Another fan named Sam added this comment:

“Ringo looks… He looks like he jumped in a huge lake, and didn’t take a shower for 67 days. Then he rolled around in the mud. Then he got no sleep for about 4-5 months.🤮🤢”

You can check both of these posts below.