In a new interview with Eddie Trunk during the recent episode of Trunk Nation, Disturbed singer David Draiman talked about current status of rock music scene.

He has reacted to people who saying ‘rock is dead’, and said:

“They’re gonna keep on singing that song and dance because it’s a headline that, for whatever reason, every once in a while sells. And people click on it and they wanna read about it, and they’re always so quick to proclaim rock dead.

Even some of the gentlemen and ladies within our own genre are very quick to proclaim rock dead, and it’s absolutely the opposite. The rock acts that are doing what they’re doing well are continuing to grow and are continuing to develop, and the fanbase has always been there.”

He continued:

“The irony is that if you look at touring exclusively within the rock world, we’re a dominant force on a global level. And in many territories — in fact, in most territories — we eclipse the other genres. But it’s just not one of those soundbites that seem to sell very well these days.”

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Back in January 2019, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash talked about the same topic, and said:

“As far as rock n roll is concerned, it’s sort of struggling over these past ten years.

I think rock music has been going through a lot of ebbs and flows. Since, say, the middle of the millennium, it’s been pretty quiet. You have a couple great artists that come out here and there, but there’s not, like, a big movement where you’ve got a ton of new music, all very inspiring.

“I do definitely feel like there’s a renaissance coming, like a rock n roll revolution with all these kids that are doing it right now. There’s definitely an energy there so I’m excited to see where it’s going to be in the next few years.”

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