Chicago based American heavy metal band Disturbed’s frontman and also known as one of the highly talented vocalists of the era, David Draiman had a new interview with Louder Sound’s Merlin Alderslade and responded compiled questions of the fans.

Disturbed frontman answered lots of questions of the fans from his part of touring to his recommendations for the metal bands that want to break mainstream nowadays. According to David, there is not a certain thing that leads you to success and the musicians have to perfect their craft to write the best song they can make.

While revealing his advice to the newbies, David also exposed if there is any person in the world that Disturbed would like to cover.

Let’s hear what he said about the covers:

“We don’t premeditate when it comes to choosing covers – we leave choosing them for the last part of the recording process each time we go in the studio. The covers are fun for us. They’re a different challenge each time.

How to keep the integrity of the original song but still make it your own? Not planning ahead when it comes to our selection is part of the challenge and fun of it.”

And here is his statement about what does he recommend to the newbies:

“I truly wish I knew. There is no ‘secret’ to success. Not now, nor was there ever. No magical equation that if you follow to a T, will ensure that you get your big break. All any musician can do, in any era, is write the best songs they possibly can and play them with all of their hearts and souls every time they take the stage.”

He continued:

“Promote your asses off, don’t be lazy, don’t expect anyone to hand anything to you. Take it seriously, perfect your craft. Learn to navigate the waters you are hoping to sail in by aligning yourself with trustworthy, wise individuals who can not only help guide you to the promised land, but you can learn from along the way. Bust your asses, and with determination, talent, wisdom, and a whole shit-ton of luck, you might just make it.”

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