In the recent interview with Loudwire, Disturbed frontman David Draiman revealed his thoughts about modern music industry and how streaming changed the music industry. Here’s the statement:

We’re successful enough that we had the luxury of being able to do that. For younger bands that don’t have the draw that we do, it’s incredibly difficult. It really is. For bands that don’t understand or don’t fully take advantage of how the machine actually works, it’s incredibly difficult.

People demonize streaming. They think that’s the thing that killed aspects of this industry when nothing could be further from the truth. Piracy is what killed aspects of this industry — streaming is bringing it back.

The difference is that every band needs to really pay attention to what their record contract says If they look at what their royalty rate is… if you realize you’re getting .07 cents for every stream and your contract only says that you get 15 points on the record after you’ve recouped everything [there’s a lot of zeroes after that decimal].

It just keeps on being reduced and reduced and reduced and reduced and you have to really pay attention to it. You have to negotiate, you have to [play] hardball. You have to try to improvise, adapt and overcome — I’ve said that a million times.”

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