Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan spoke in an interview with 99.7 The Blitz, and revealed his thoughts on the rock stars who commited suicide.

Here’s the statement:

“Paul Gray from Slipknot, the singer from The Prodigy [Keith Flint], Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell… there’s just too many of our peers. On a more personal note, those are our friends and our colleagues, it makes you realize…

I think the first time it really hit me was when RobinWilliams died [in 2014]. In the past, I used to always get angry and think that it’s very selfish – ‘How could somebody do this?’.

And you look at somebody like Robin Williams, this guy makes everybody in the world laugh, everybody loves him, he has money, success, you think you have a perfect life,and then it dawns on you that this is a disease. They can’t help that. It’s like cancer, it could take anybody at any moment.

On a personal note of things, early on, when we started talking about subject matter we want to touch on this album, I had suggested to David [Draiman, vocals], like, ‘I’d really like to find the song that can touch on depression and addiction because we’ve all had either family members or close people to us that had struggles or continue to struggle.’

My older brother has had his struggles and he’s on and off, I know what a great guy he is and I could hear it in his voice and I could see it in his eyes, feeling like he’s let people down.”

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