DJ Ashba was left the band when Slash returned to Guns N Roses. He explained why he left the band.

Speaking on the radio program “Trunk Nation”, Dj Ashba said :

“Well, there were multiple reasons why I left GN’R — a couple that I won’t go into — but the biggest reason was I needed to get back to my roots, back to what I really truly believed in, and that was playing songs I helped write with [SIXX:A.M. bandmates] James [Michael] and Nikki [Sixx]. We [SIXX:A.M.] have five albums out [and] we have a ten-year career together.

So we did a tour, ‘Modern Vintage’ tour, where it was, like, nineteen shows, and that tour really changed my life and put my career back into perspective — you know, being out on the stage and connecting with the fanbase.”