Since the KISS’ farewell tour started, fans are accusing Paul Stanley of lip syncing during his live performances at recent shows of End of the Road tour.

Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach has shared his opinion about KISS on Twitter, and wrote:

“What people are saying about them is that they are the best band they have ever seen. Anyone with a different opinion did not go to the show. #fact”

A fan named B.J. Lisko Said

“But Baz, Paul is most definitely using tracks. You hate tracks. I love Kiss. But they made a point last tour to say how they were a live rock band, and they were then. I was there and it was great, warts and all. But Paul is cheating now at times, and that breaks my heart.”

Sebastian responded:


Another fan, Joey Capuana, said:

“Are you defending them as a fan or someone who is ok with charging people to watch lip syncing?”

Sebastian responded:

“I’m defending them as someone that went to the fucking show. Unlike you”

J Fox asked to Sebastian:

“Baz are you saying the vocals are live and legit?”

Sebastian responded:

“I am saying that I went to see KISS and I fucking saw KISS. I listened to Paul Stanley sing his ass off LIVE.

I paid tribute to the band that has given us more than any other band that any of us can name. I have seen way more obvious use of backing tracks then with KISS.”

Sebastian added:

“KISS has given us more than any other band that you could name. Without question. This new tour is our last chance to salute the Hottest Band in the Land. The ones that did it first and better than anyone else ever has or will”

You can see the tweets below.