Dokken guitarist George Lynch recalled when he played for Ozzy Osbourne during a recent appearance on Waste Some Time With Jason Green.

In the conversation, George pointed out that he was driving a truck to make money back in the day because his music career wasn’t bringing him any money. One day Ozzy Osbourne called him and asked him to join his solo band.

As he couldn’t say no to such a great offer made by the Prince of Darkness, he quit his job to join Osbourne’s solo band but mentioned that Ozzy and Sharon didn’t like his appearance due to his short hair. Thus, George ended up getting another job in the band.

As Lynch said, he joined rehearsals with Ozzy as a guitarist, but he never played in any shows. Instead, he was traveling with them just to watch what is going on. Besides that, he was also doing soundchecks for them before the event starts.

Even though George traveled with Ozzy and went overseas, he pointed out that Ozzy didn’t pay him a nickel during this period. Then, Ozzy showed up one day and told George that they don’t need him anymore.

George Lynch on his experience with Ozzy Osbourne:

“Ozzy and Sharon were very conscious of not just your playing, but I think more of your image. I know in my case that had something to do with the fact that I didn’t work out because, at that point in my life, I wasn’t really making much of any money playing guitar, so I still had a job.

I drove a truck, I drove a liquor truck – and I loved my job because it was probably the best job I ever had up to that point. I had two kids, so I ended up cutting my hair to keep my job, and then I got the Ozzy call, and I showed up with a short hair, and that really bothered them.

I didn’t ‘tour’ tour, I did travel with them, and they wanted me to kind of, Brad to mentor me or kind of watch what was going on, and then I would go for soundchecks, I’d plug into Brad’s rig, and I’d play along.

And then we’d go into rehearsals in London and Dallas, and back here in L.A., so yeah, I was involved, but I didn’t step on stage in front of an audience.”

When asked if they ever paid him, George responded:

Never paid me a nickel. I got to say, out of principle, that was very strange. They didn’t seem interested in what was going to happen to me afterward or anything about me, it was just what served them, and I get that.

I had two kids, I didn’t really have any money, and I had a beat-up pinot station wagon, and a shitty apartment in Anaheim, and I was just trying to stay above water, and I had to quit my job.

I lost my job, and when we got the word, actually Ozzy came up to me and says, didn’t quite understand what he said because it’s hard to understand what he’s saying. He was mumbling something, just me and him in the backroom, and he goes, ‘We’re not going to need you…’ I’m paraphrasing, ‘We can just let you go…’ And that was it.”

You can listen to the full interview below.