Deep Purple keyboardist and former Black Sabbath member Don Airey joined an interview with Rolling Stone in which he remembered the time Bill Ward was quite worried about Ozzy Osbourne.

Apart from working as the keyboardist in Deep Purple since 2002, Don Airey also has had a long and prolific career during which he played for various music acts, including Black Sabbath. He worked with them as a session musician for the 1978 album ‘Never Say Die!’

When Black Sabbath was recording the ‘Never Say Die!’ album, the band members were all seriously involved in drug and alcohol abuse. Before they began recording it, Ozzy Osbourne left the band, and Dave Walker temporarily replaced him.

The band wrote several songs with Walker, but when Osbourne decided to rejoin the band, he refused to sing any of the songs the band wrote with Walker. This indeed led to conflicts within Black Sabbath. The album also had its share of it, and it received mixed reviews.

In the recent Rolling Stone interview, Don Airey recalled the time he worked with Black Sabbath. He confirmed that the band was falling apart at that time, and remembered that Bill Ward told him he doesn’t know what to do with Osbourne as he was driving them all mad.

In the interview by Rolling Stone, Don Airey said the following about Black Sabbath:

“They were kind of falling apart. I remember Bill Ward saying to me, ‘I don’t know what to do with your man Osbourne. He’s driving us all mad.’

Bill was really worried about Oz. It was a bit of a strange time for the band. I think they could feel they were splitting up, but I’m very proud to be on that record. It was a great session.”

Back when Black Sabbath was working on the album ‘Never Say Die!,’ Ozzy Osbourne neither liked the sound nor the lyrics of the album, so he refused to sing the songs written before he joined. Eight months later, Osbourne was fired from the band.