During a recent interview with Austria’s Stormbringer, Dragonforce bassist Frederic Leclercq explained how he discovered power metal about 20 years ago.

Invervier asked which subgenre of heavy metal he prefers: power metal or death metal. And Frederic responded:

“Death metal. I like every kind of metal — I love metal. I like heavy metal, I like thrash metal, I like black metal.

Power metal, actually, not so much, but when I discovered the style basically 20 years ago, actually, I liked Angra; Syphony X — I don’t know if they’re power metal or more prog; Rhapsody, when the album ‘Symphony Of Enchanted Lands’ came out, I was, ‘Wow!’ So that was something I liked. And then I was, like, going back to… ’cause I discovered death metal before, so I liked that, but then I went back to death metal.

But, for some reason, I must be good at power metal, because I ended up playing in a French band called Heavenly, and now I’ve been with Dragonforce for 13 years. So it’s not the genre I would prefer, but it’s still metal, it’s still music, so who am I to complain?

But if I had the choice between a power metal concert or a power metal album and a death metal concert or a death metal album, I would definitely, a hundred percent go to death metal.”

You can watch to the entire interview below.