Dream Theater teased their fans with a video for their debut single, ‘The Alien,’ from their upcoming album by sharing a new video on their official Twitter account.

In late July, Dream Theater revealed that they will release a new album, named ‘A View from the Top of the World,’ which will be the fifteenth studio album, and it’s supposed to drop in October.

Before the record’s release, Dream Theater teased the first single, ‘The Alien,’ on social media, and they shared a 30-second-long sneak peek from the music video. As you hear below, the upcoming track features some beautiful riffs from John Petrucci.

Furthermore, Dream Theater stated that ‘The Alien’ will premier on August 13, and it can be pre-saved on Spotify as well as Apple music right now. As the band had revealed earlier, the length of the song will be 9 minutes.

Here is the official announcement from Dream Theater:

“‘The Alien’ is landing Friday 13 August.”

You can check out the post below.