Former Dream Theater and current Sons of Apollo drummer, Mike Portnoy, spoke in a recent appearance on ‘World Prog Nation,’ revealing the genre he couldn’t handle.

Mike Portnoy is someone who can play in many different bands with completely different styles. While talking about his interesting ability, the interviewer asked him if there were any other genres of music he was interested in. He said that he wasn’t good at Latin and jazz music.

Here’s what Mike Portnoy stated:

“I think I got them all covered. I’ve never wanted to do jazz or Latin, I’m not just good at any of that stuff. So everything within the rock and metal world, that my musical taste likes, I think I’m pretty much covered.

With The Winery Dogs, I got a classic rock power trio; with Metal Allegiance, my thrash metal roots; Sons of Apollo is more of prog-metal, shreddy kind of over-the-top stuff; Flying Colors is more, like, poppy and alternative with that kind of Muse and Radiohead sprinkled in, and then Transatlantic and the Neal Morse band are both real, pure prog.”

He continued:

“That’s my musical taste right there, but I can’t say any one of them, like, really sum me up. I think you need to see the spectrum of all the bands to really understand the spectrum of my love for different styles of music.

To answer your question, I don’t think there’s any other area that I haven’t hit yet, I think I’m pretty well covered right now.”

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