The legendary former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy has shared a cute photo of his dog named Mickey Portnoy via his official and verified Instagram page.

On February 15, Mike Portnoy has announced that his lovely pet Mickey diagnosed with cancer and will be going under surgery next week. Click here to see our latest article about that incident.

Today, he has shared yet another photo of Mickey on Instagram and made an important statement about the last status of its. According to what we learned that the operation was very successful.

Here’s the statement of Mike Portnoy:

“Can’t tell you how grateful I am having my little man sitting here in my lap…he’s slowly recovering, getting lots of rest (& love!)…biggest difficulty is keeping him from going at his stitches as he HATES wearing the cone/tube…

But the biopsy results were the best we could’ve hoped for: Stage 1/verrrry early Stage 2…which means we don’t have to do chemo and we just have to keep an eye on any future lumps.

So sad I have to leave him to go back on tour on Tuesday…but I am so grateful he is recovering and also grateful that I happened to be home during this difficult time. 🙏

#thatsmymickey @mickey_portnoy.”

You can see the Instagram post right below.