Former Dream Theater star Mike Portnoy posted a new Instagram photo of him and legendary KISS roster and paid his respects to the KISS icons.

Here is what Mike Porntoy wrote:

“Once again, thanks to @kissonline for the amazing Kiss goodbye last night…and the gracious hospitality and hang before the show! (Here’s the real pic w the band) – and finally got Gene & Paul’s signature added to Ace & Peter’s on my Alive Vinyl 😎

I wanted the best, and I got the best! @kissonline @genesimmons @paulstanleylive @tommy_thayer_official #ericsinger”

However, an Instagram user named jessecollindesings claimed that KISS is awful and wrote this:

“But…. KISS is awful.”

Mike Portnoy responded:

“When I was a kid back in 1976/1977 Kiss were my heroes… Seeing them live at MSG in 1977 was life changing. That shit stays with you FOREVER… If it doesn’t you have no heart.”

You can see the photo below.