15 Septembre 2018

The former drummer of Dream Theater, Mike Portnoy was the latest interview guest of Avenged Sevenfold’s Johnny Christ in the Drinks With Johnny Podcast and revealed the sad story of how his mother passed away.

You might read below that Mike stated that he lots his mother aged 17 with a bizarre accident.

Here are the details from Mike’s mouth:

“Yeah, she raised me, and after I was born she had my brother and my sister with her second husband, and she raised the three of us. When I was 17, she got into a freak plane crash.

Completely, you know, it was just completely devastating and shocking. I was 17 and my brother and my sister were a few years younger than me, so it was devastating.

There’s a crazy story; it was a crazy coincidence, that afternoon before the accident, in school, my teacher was giving a class about Carpe Diem, [the Latin aphorism meaning] ‘Seize the day.’

You know about it because you [Avenged Sevenfold] have that song as well, but I ended up writing a song with ‘Carpe Diem’ as well as a result of this [‘Carpe Diem’ is the title of the third act of ‘A Change of Seasons’].

So the teacher was giving this class about how to appreciate life; ‘You never know what might happen, life changes at the drop of a dime, appreciate the people you have in your life, you never know when they’re gonna be gone…

So he gives this, like, this totally heavy lesson in class at that day, and I go home that night and my mom’s getting ready to go out to Atlantic City on a private plane – it was just a private plane with four people – and she was getting ready to go to the airport.

I was just about to run out, and I turn around, and I remember this lesson, I turn around, I went back to my mom and gave her a big hug and a kiss and said, ‘I just want you to know I love you.’

And she’s, like, ‘Wow, what the hell is that? Where did that come from?’. But it was because of that Carpe Diem lesson I got that day, that I had this final goodbye with my mom.

Mike Portnoy continued:

“She gets on the plane, and the plane crashed right off the shore of Atlantic City and I never saw her again. But I had that moment.

I tattooed ‘Carpe Diem’ on my arm and I wrote the song ‘A Change of Seasons’ with Dream Theater, which told that whole story. It was quite a heavy thing for a 17-year old kid to adjust to, you know, losing your mom so unexpectedly like that.

Between that and going through all the divorces and stuff, my mom getting remarried, my dad getting remarried, I pretty much grew up pretty quickly. I had to learn about life pretty early on.”

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