During Dream Theater’s concert on March 18, the band’s lead singer James LaBrie addressed lip-syncing allegations saying that he uses pre-recorded backing tracks during live performances and denied all the rumors.

It is a long-debated topic in the music world whether artists should be allowed to use pre-recorded vocals during live performances or not. Some artists prefer using them to concentrate more on their live shows, enhance their sound, or avoid the too complex parts of the songs, which are difficult to play during live shows. It is increasingly common nowadays, mainly thanks to the development of technology. In some cases, it helps the musicians to perform their performances more consistently.

Dream Theater kicked off their North American tour on February 2, 2022, and it recently ended on March 21, 2022. They will continue touring in Europe in April and May 2022. During the band’s North American tour, some fans shared videos on YouTube taken during the live performances. The comments were full of statements claiming that James LaBrie is lip-syncing during the live version of the band’s ‘Bridges in the Sky’ song.

Upon seeing the lip-syncing allegations, James LaBrie openly addressed the rumors during Dream Theater’s Houston concert on March 18 and said he doesn’t use any pre-recorded vocals. He harshly criticized the comments on social media and stated that he doesn’t understand what is wrong with all these people saying that he is lip-syncing. Later on, he also apologized to the audience for his harsh words by saying that he was really exhausted as they were at the end of their six-week tour.

Here are James LaBrie’s words about the lip-syncing allegations:

“I’m going to f*cking clarify something for you now, okay? People have been saying I’m f*cking lip-syncing? F*ck you. I’ve never lip-synced in my entire life. F*cking, what is wrong with people online?”

You can watch James LaBrie’s video denying the allegations below.