Speaking to Audio Ink Radio, Dream Theater singer James LaBrie has revealed the only music he can’t listen to it. He said that ‘ I think the only music I can’t wrap my head around is country music.’

Here’s the statement:

“Whenever I hear someone say, ‘Well, metal’s not what it used to be,’ I’m thinking, ‘Well, what was it?’ Because it wasn’t the flavor of the month, and it never has been and it never will be. But it’s big enough that those bands that do represent that approach musically are doing very well.

They are playing the sizeable venues that can warrant or justify that they are who they are musically. So, to me, I think it’s always gonna be something that is a big piece and part of the music industry. I think it has to be, because not everybody is into the pop thing.”

He continued:

“The best way for any one of us to be is to appreciate the diversity of music, from whatever genre. I think the only music I can’t wrap my head around is country music. But with anything else, I can appreciate it. Whether I wanna listen to U2 or Coldplay Or, like I said, if I’m gonna go and listen to some Stone Sour or if I’m gonna listen to Tool… whatever. I think that it depends on the mood. As long as the music’s great… There’s two kinds of music — there’s good music and then there’s bad music.

It’s a cliché — whatever — but that’s the truth of it, though. So it doesn’t really matter what the genre is — it doesn’t matter if it’s metal or rock or hard rock or soft rock or pop… whatever. I mean, one of my favorite bands is One Republic. Amazing songs, amazing writing, incredible melodies, great lyrics, great singer, great players.

So it doesn’t have to be something that’s in my face and melting my face at that particular moment. That’s what I wanna listen to — something that’s hitting me and making me groove in a more laid-back kind of cool-down vibe kind of way, instead of throwing on, like I said, whether it’s In Flames or whatever… or Ember’s Fall. That’s another band that’s great.

So, yeah, there’s all sorts of great music, and I think metal has and always will be well represented.”

Listen to entire interview below. Click here for the source (Blabbermouth).