In a recent interview with Greg Prato, Dream Theater singer James LaBrie has shared the story of the song called “Anna Lee”. He said:

“‘Anna Lee’ is about sexual abuse, an incestual thing that I read about. So I wanted to write about this girl. Now, the name in the article wasn’t Anna, her name was Natalie.

But it was about how in third-world countries, there is sex trafficking and all that stuff. It was loosely inspired by that: the sex trafficking in the South Pacific Rim where a lot of it happens, and the Middle East.

I wanted to write about it, so ‘Anna Lee’ is about sexual abuse – how women are completely mistreated. And there are also overtones of incest, as well.”

On Dream Theater’s upcoming album “Distance Over Time”, he said:

“Well, it might be similar to some of the earlier albums in the sense that in a lot of ways, we pulled from our roots. We wanted to connect with how Dream Theater came onto the radar – we were noticed as a very progressive metal band.

When Dream Theater came on the scene, ‘progressive metal’ wasn’t even a term. But because we incorporated the metal influence and the progressive, more technical aspects of music, that became a new thing, a new direction musically. It inspired a lot of other bands and still does today.

So, when going into ‘Distance Over Time,’ it was a conscious effort that we wanted to very much incorporate both those elements into this album.

We wanted it to predominantly be a more aggressive album for sure, and we wanted it to be more heavy and more metal-based, but at the same time establishing a balance between the two. Not losing our identity or signatures as far as the progressive side of Dream Theater goes.

The whole time while writing this album, it was, ‘Yes, it’s going to be a heavy album, but at the same time, let’s also make sure we incorporate everything that has stated what we are as a band.'”

Click here to source of the statement (Alternative Nation).