Known as Dream Theater’s lead singer, James LaBrie spoke to Alicia Atout and told the story of how he earned his nickname, pirate, thanks to one of his bandmates who decided to call him that.

Dream Theater is one of the most famous and commercially successful bands of all time, appreciated for their well-crafted sound and lyrics. The band has released fifteen studio albums and performed countless tours and live concerts, almost all of which received the appreciation of metalheads.

Therefore, the band members have spent most of their lives in the studio and on the road. It can be said that it’s a very tiring process even though their greatest passion is creating music. As Dream Theater’s frontman for more than 30 years, James LaBrie sometimes went through hard times, which he defined as ‘singer syndrome’ because of long journeys and busy schedules.

During his interview, LaBrie stated that he wants to be alone when he feels moody, and in one of them, the band’s keyboardist Jordan Rudess started to call him ‘pirate’ because of their conversation. Since then, Rudess has been using this nickname, and the others followed him in time.

LaBrie shared his ideas, saying:

“I have a proclivity of being somewhat… I can be moody at times, but normally I’m usually straight up and even a really nice guy. There’s this tendency of me depending on what’s going on on the road and it’s usually if I’m not feeling well like anybody. Jordan Rudess, our esteemed keyboard player…

One day I was in one of those moods; it’s like, ‘Hey just leave me alone, I’m dealing with stuff I got a really wicked cold,’ that whole singer syndrome goes on. So he started to call me just well, and he goes, ‘No problem pirate.’ I look over and say ‘What did you say?’ and he called me a pirate because he goes, ‘Boy, you’re like an angry pirate.’

I said, ‘Okay, whatever’ and then he just started calling me that all the time, like so the days went on, and he just said ‘Hey, pirate.’ Then somebody else in the crew would hear him and they’d go ‘What do you call him pirate?’ That’s all started like seriously, and it was that easy.”

You can check out the interview below.