In a recent interview with Tow Doods, Dream Theater mastermind John Petrucci has revealed an interesting story about their biggest hit “Pull Me Under”.

He said:

“It’s funny because ‘Pull Me Under’ is the only time we had the rock radio hit, right, so other than that, we don’t have all these songs that we kind-of have to play to death.

And I think the Dream Theater has actually appreciated digging and playing material that we maybe don’t play too often. It’s kind of like the Rush mentality, although Rush did have a lot of successful singles.

We never kind of got to that point, and honestly, I enjoy playing ‘Pull Me Under’ just as much as the other songs.”

Interviewer asked:

“What are you most proud of on the new ‘Distance Over Time’ album? If you’re going to tell somebody who had never heard the band, you got to pick one song from the album, this is the first song that introduces you to DT, what would it be?”

John responded:

“Oh man, it’s always interesting because the songs vary too much. ‘Untethered Angel’ is a very Dream Theater-y song – it has prog and metal elements, but there’s a couple of other songs – maybe ‘Pale Blue Dot’ – that are kind of more on the heavy-prog side.

It’s hard to say, that’s the funny thing, even when we put the singles out with this record, people kind of tend to draw conclusions based on one song as to what’s the record going to be like, but we’re not that kind of band you can do that with, you have to hear the whole thing.”

Listen to the entire interview below. Click here for the source. (Ultimate-Guitar)