In a recent interview with Heavy magazine, Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess spoke about his new solo piano tour called “From Bach To Rock”.

He revealed the story about how he discovered rock music when he was nine. Here’s the story:

“My beginnings as a young classical pianist going to Juilliard [School] as a little kid, nine years old and discovering rock music with The Beatles and progressive music and then, finally, leading up to Liquid Tension and Dream Theater.

It’s a chance for me to play some Dream Theater songs on the piano and do some of the ballads and also cover some of the proggier stuff in a cool, different solo piano way. And, part of the show is musical, obviously, but the other part is taking people through the story and talking.

It’s especially fun because I’ve toured around the world for so many years with Dream Theater and other bands, but I’ve never had the opportunity to go as a good example, to Australia, to really tell the story, tell the personal story and be with people and be my musical self and to kind of let it all be on display, if you will and have a great time interacting with people, telling stories, playing music.

It seems to be, in all of the places I’ve played, in Europe and the States, it’s a really fun show to do. People are really responsive. They’re very responsive to my piano music, I find. It’s really cool to see.”

You can listen the entire interview from below.