Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess spoke in an interview with Scars & Guitars Podcast and admitted that he was never a huge metal fan.

Here’s the statement:

“I was never a huge metal fan, I’m still not necessarily. I do like certain metal, like Metallica or whatever, but what attracted me to it, well, with Dream Theater, what’s drawn me to DT is that all of a sudden there was a band that I was listening to that could play like the progressive rock stuff but they mixed it with metal.

And not only did they have this mixture, but they also had amazing chops. They could play like, like a classical virtuoso – that caught my ears. They’re heavy, they’re prog, and they could play their instruments so well. That was the combination that really got me.”

Interviewer said:

“The next one is a fellow that I had the opportunity to chat to recently before his Australian tour, and that is Steven Wilson…”

Jordan responded:

“Steven is one of my favorite people. I love the guy, I love his music. I met him when he was opening up for Dream Theater with his band Porcupine Tree. We became instant friends because we had a lot in common – incredible musician.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with him on several occasions, and as for my recorded music, he sang on ‘The Road Home’ as well, and I’ve played on a couple of his albums. Then we performed live a little bit here and there. Nice musical personal relationship there.”

Listen to the entire interview from here. Click here to source of the statement via Ultimate-Guitar.