Keyboardist of Dream Theater, Jordan Rudess spoke in an interview with MetalSucks podcast, and revealed the story of how he was collaborated with legendary blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa.

Here’s the story:

“When I signed with Mascot, I was excited to do that. They’re an awesome label, but in addition to that, there are, like, premier artists on the label, like Joe Bonamassa, who is a great guitar player, a wonderful blues player.

I was excited because I love to play the blues, but I’ve never really done it on an album before, but those who know me – backstage before a Dream Theater concert, in my home, a lot of times I’m playing blues.

I was, like, ‘You know what? I’m going to ask Joe if he wants to do a blues track with me on this album because we’re label-mates now.’ So I reached out to him and he was really happy to do it.

He came through for me and played some cool solos on that track, and it inspired me to not only write the song, but also to make it into a full production, the one where I had Joe playing guitar and I’ve got a full brass ensemble playing, real brass, and I’m singing.

And it’s, like, you listen to it, it’s, like, all-out production on a blues tune. Of course, there’s a little rhythmic twist in it which makes it more Jordan-y, if you will – little odd-meter signatures in it – but it goes by pretty quick and it’s fairly standard, there’s some good soloing.”

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