On Instagram, Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan, posted a photo of himself and reminded everyone that the key to improve physical health is not only having a strict workout and meal plans but actually there was something more important.

56-year-old bassist Duff McKagan shared a picture of himself holding a paper, ‘Change Direction‘ written on it. In the caption area of the post, he wrote about a movement called ‘Change Direction’, and he encouraged his fans to take care of their mental health.

According to McKagan, the key to reach physical health is actually to reach mental health first. Duff mentioned about the difficulties of isolation due to the Covid-19, particularly for those who had been suffering from depression.

Additionally, McKagan gave some recommendations to his followers about how not to be depressed even more during these days and he encourages them to join ‘Change Direction’ movement.

Here’s what Duff McKagan wrote on the caption of his post on Instagram:

“Change direction. Taking care of my mental health is key to me taking care of my physical health. At a time like this, isolation can be a real bitch to those whose suffer from depression, panic, and etc.

Keep in touch with as many people as possible..go walk, do f*ckin pushups, yell at the moon…and laugh when you can. Be a badass. Change direction.”

You can see McKagan’s post on his official Instagram page below.