Guns N’ Roses bassist who has five studio albums with the band, Duff McKagan, has recently been interviewed by Revolver’s Richard Bienstock this week and talked about the Punk and hardcore records he has been listening to since he was young and talked about the band that formed him.

Mother Love Bone was one of the most famous glam-punk bands of America instead they were active for just two years from 1988 to 1990. After the fronting member of the band Andrew Woods’ unexpected death due to heroin overdose, the band has decided to disband just after releasing their self-titled album.

After 20 years, four surviving members of the band, Jeff Ament, Bruce Fairweather, Stone Gossard and Ragan Hagar, has reunited for a single night live show in 2010. After eight years, they got together once again and played fourteen songs in a special event at Seattle’s Neptune Theatre.

In his latest interview with Revolver, Duff McKagan admitted that Mother Love Bone has made a huge impact on him instead they had to part ways in just two years.

Here is what Duff McKagan said about Mother Love Bone:

“It’s a link in Seattle rock, from the early punk stuff to what was to come later with Soundgarden and Sub Pop and all that.

It really helped to form me as a musician and a songwriter, and convinced me this was what I was going to do forever.”

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