Photo Credit: Bass Player Magazine

Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan participated Upfront Summit, and had a recent interview with Milana Rabkin.

McKagan talked about how much money he earned from his musical debut, and shared what he learned from Guns N’ Roses.

Here is what McKagan said:

“My twenties were tumultuous at best… I think. That’s what they say. I woke up in an ICU at 30 and there was kind of a line drawn down the sand whether I want to live or die. It was pretty basic. I decided to take the first one.

I had a big family and a lot to live for, so the thought came to my head, like, ‘I’ve made money in my twenties – a good amount of money. I don’t know how much; I don’t know who has taken from me – how much they have, if they have,’ which they did.

I wanted to go to Seattle. I thought I could go in and write a check and just go to school. I got a GED, and I couldn’t just go in and write a check. I had to go through community college and get A’s in these classes and write [an] admittance essay…

I got in, and just the accounting classes at the beginning alone were so valuable to me. I could read my financial statements that we were getting for the band – and my own personal financial statements.

There was questions that arose from me being able to finally read these things – and some nervous people. I ended up moving accounting firms and matriculated through school…

We formed this band called Velvet Revolver. At that point, I knew what I was talking about to a certain extent. Never assume you’re the smartest guy in the room, but I think they were assuming I was the smartest guy in the room, which is just fine.

We did our record deal; we did our deal with agents, with a manager, with merch companies. I was there at every turn. We learned a lot from the Guns N’ Roses experience – managers commissioning off the gross… You live, you learn.”

You can watch the interview below.

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