Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan revealed the invaluable gift he received from Slash during an appearance on Bass Freq’s Podcast.

Duff McKagan played the bass in Guns N’ Roses for 12 years, and he achieved international success with his career in the band. Although McKagan left the band in 1997, he rejoined them in 2016. Apart from his tenure in Guns N’ Roses, the bassist played bass in various bands. Currently, McKagan is still continuing to make musical efforts with GN’R.

Duff McKagan met Slash during the early days of his musical career after answering an advertisement for a bassist in a local newspaper. They then formed a band together, but in March 1985, McKagan joined GN’R. He was followed by Slash two months later, and The two also collaborated on other songs and McKagan joined Slash for his solo projects. As it appears, both are quite close friends.

In an interview on Bass Freq’s Podcast, McKagan revealed that Slash gifted him something special. While talking about the guitars he owns, the bassist said that Slash got him one of Lemmy’s studio Rickenbackers for Christmas. McKagan then said he does not know how to repay him for that.

Talking about his guitars, Duff McKagan told Bass Freq’s Podcast that:

“Now I have two Fender basses, and those are the two I play. I play my Fender, both my Death models. And they’re both really great basses.

I have a bunch of other basses, and Slash for Christmas got me one of Lemmy’s studio Rickenbackers, which I don’t know how to repay him for that. If you’ve got any ideas, please let me know.”

You can check out the rest of the interview below.