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Icelandic black metal band Dynfari have teamed up with Invisible Oranges to stream their epic new album “The Foor Doors of the Mind.” The album will be released tomorrow via Code666.

The album can be streamed here:​

Order the physical album here:

Order the digital album here:

Alternating between post-rock vibes and black metal atmospheres, the album explores fantasy writer Patrick Rothfuss’ theory on the mind’s abilities to cope with pain, by weaving it together with over 100 year old lamentations on human existence by early 20th century Icelandic existentialist poet Jóhann Sigurjónsson.

The combination of the two writers’ thoughts is embodied in the union of the drive of black metal with more traditional soundscapes of acoustic guitar, accordion, flute and bouzouki. Artwork by Metaztasis (Watain, Behemoth)

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