In a recent interview for ‘Talking Metal‘, Twisted Sister guitarist Eddie Ojeda answered questions about the possibility of a reunion of the band: ‘I never say never.’

Twisted Sister had their final tour in 2016 after the death of their drummer A. J. Pero at the age of 55. Recently this year, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider stated in an interview with ‘Trunk Nation’ that he wasn’t planning to perform with the band again and said:

“I’ve got no plans on the horizon. And just the idea of a bunch of lumbering old dudes on a stage… I’m not impressed with a lot of the reunions. I won’t name names, but one that’s out there has been performing for way too long in their reunion, and they stand there at their microphones with virtually no movement at all. I was stunned to see a band that used to be all over the stage just standing there frozen in place.

For my money, that’s not the memory I want people to have of me and Twisted Sister. So, I have no plans. People say, ‘Never say never.’ But there’s nothing on the horizon.”

However, in a recent interview, the talented guitarist Eddie Ojeda talked about his feelings about a possible reunion of the band:

“I never say never, because you never know. It depends on the situation. You always miss it, no matter how much you’ve done it.

The whole comeback – we were back together for 14 years, and we did a lot of shows in the last 14 years, and we were headlining all the shows. We were bigger now than we were in the ’80s. So it was a great time.

I think it just got to the point where we just felt — maybe it was like ‘Seinfeld’: go out on a high note. But as far as that goes, The Who blows everybody away — they are the biggest liars of all time. They are still touring. Forty tours later, and they’re still saying, ‘We mean it this time.’ So if anybody’s gonna complain, they’d better talk to The Who first.”

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