Radio personality and talk show host Eddie Trunk recently posted a tweet about Vince Neil‘s solo concert dates, commenting on the singer’s scheduling that might affect Mötley Crüe‘s tour.

Mötley Crüe announced the Stadium Tour back in 2020. However, they had to postpone it twice, first to 2021, and second to 2022, due to the pandemic. As the restrictions are somewhat eased, they are now planning to embark on the tour in the summer of this year after haven’t been performing live for a long time.

As he recovered from a stage accident that had caused him to have some broken ribs, Vince Neil began appearing on solo performances recently on January 14. He performed at Hollywood Casino Colombus, Ohio, and fans thought he is slowly getting in a good shape ahead of Mötley Crüe’s Stadium Tour.

Recently, it was announced that Vince Neil has also scheduled solo concert dates which might affect some of The Stadium Tour’s dates. According to the announcement Red River Valley Fair posted on Facebook, Neil will be performing on July 16. However, he will also be on the stage with the Crüe on July 15 and July 17.

Upon seeing a news article regarding this issue, Eddie Trunk decided to post a tweet to inform his fans about the situation. Trunk said that this is not uncommon among artists who make solo or sideband shows while on another tour. He then added that there is no issue if the performance is far enough away from the main tour or the main tour is not playing there.

Eddie Trunk’s tweet read:

“Artists doing solo/sideband shows while out on another tour is not uncommon. There is a radius clause on all tours. As long as the performance is far enough away from the main tour, and the main tour not playing there, not an issue and many do it.

You can check out the tweet below.