Legendary guitarist, Eddie Van Halen shared a recent tweet on his official Twitter account and revealed an exciting information for the fans.

He announced that his 1978 touring rig and legendary Frankenstein guitar will be displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Here is what he wrote:

“My 1978 touring rig and original “Frankenstein” guitar are on display in New York at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s “Play It Loud” Instruments of Rock & Roll exhibit. The exhibit opens to the public on April 8th.

You can see his tweet below:

Last week, Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen revealed what he really thinks about blues legend Eric Clapton and said that:

“I used to love the way he played. He was real smooth and a lot of feeling. Every review I ever read of the album or my playing, it’s always Blackmore, Beck and Page influences. But I never really sat down and copped their licks like I did Clapton.

I guess a lot of people think I sound like Beck or Blackmore because I do use the bar and they do also, so it kinda gets the same kinda sound. The only thing Blackmore got me hooked on was the whammy bar.

Because I never really liked the way he played that weird staccato stuff. But I feel a lot of my licks are different than theirs. Like the wide stretch things I do, I try and make it sound a little bit different.”

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