Photo Credit: Eddie Van Halen - Twitter

Van Halen’s guitar icon, Eddie Van Halen, has posted a rare photo of himself with Alex, who is the drummer of the band and of course his brother, on social media, and broke his silence for an important message he wrote for Alex.

In the post, Eddie celebrated the 67th birthday of Alex with a simple message and also showed how much he loves his lovely brother who made a big difference for the musical quality of Van Halen.

Here’s what Eddie penned:

“Happy birthday, Al! Love Ya!”

In the comment area, a fan said:

“You can see Ed literally held his cell phone up to a framed photo, kind of awesome!”

Another fan on Twitter wrote:

“Holy crap, I share a birthday with Alex Van Halen?! Happy Birthday, Alex!”

Click here to reach the original Twitter post. Also, you can see the photo that Eddie shared below.

Photo Credit: Eddie Van Halen – Twitter