Van Halen’s legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen celebrated his son Wolfgang’s 28th birthday in an adorable way on Instagram.

Eddie Van Halen posted the photo of himself with his song Wolfgang and his brother (Van Halen drummer) Alex onstage. He wrote:

“Happy Birthday Wolf! I Love You!!

@wolfvanhalen #birthday #happybirthday #family #saturday #march #music”

Wolf responded:

“Thanks, Pop!! Love you!!! <3”

See the Instagram post below.

Two weeks ago, Wolfgang Van Halen has shared two new updates about songwriting process of his debut album.

Back on December 2017, he posted a mini video as a little taste of his solo works on Twitter. A fan responded to video today, and Wolf gave new information about his works.

A fan named Mswanson300 asked:

“Great tone, Wolf. Are you on guitar and bass?”

Wolfgang responded:

“Hey thanks! Yes! Drums as well”

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