The iconic frontman of thrash metal band Annihilator, Jeff Waters wrote a statement praising the talent of Eddie Van Halen and declaring him the greatest guitarist of all time.

The 54-year-old vocalist of Annihilator, Jeff Waters has been known with his admiration for the legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen. Two years ago, Jeff shared the impact of Eddie on his music with a sincere statement and said:

“He changed guitar and rock music forever and, just for fun and the love of his craft, created a guitar, amp, speaker/cabinet, fx pedals, and guitar accessory empire. Did I mention that he changed lives? Mine included.”

Recently, Jeff penned down yet another letter to praise Eddie Van Halen‘s music to mention the guitar masters Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, and Jimi Hendrix and claimed that they were close to being the best, yet still, Eddie was the greatest of all.

“My God. I mean, he is my God. Watch from beginning to very end.

Remember, he invented most of this. Yes, tapping and some were before him, but he is the one who took everything to the extreme. Not to mention equally groundbreaking as a rhythm player, songwriter, and tone-seeker. Opinion… but I’m right!

Page, Hendrix, Clapton… huge and great… but if you were around the late ’70s to 1984, you would have witnessed the most influential all-around player ever.”

Furthermore, Jeff stated the legendary guitarists, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, were also affected by the records of Eddie Van Halen.

“Remember Vai and Satriani were already established axeman, but they both jumped on the 1984 bandwagon and put out Van Halen-style records.

Why? Not just to jump on the trend of the success of that Alex VH shuffle groove in ‘Hot For Teacher’, for example, but because they couldn’t help it. Ed got into millions of players’ heads. Not only guitar players. Keyboardists. Bassists. Pianists.

No other guitarist had people lining up like that or had musicians, that weren’t guitarists, glued to his every musical or gear move. Not Page, not Clapton, not Hendrix, although they are close.”

Additionally, he criticized the best guitarist lists of certain publications and as the biggest Eddie Van Halen fan, he stated that Eddie was indeed the greatest guitarist of all time.

“Reminds me of some recent idiotic Best Guitarist Ever list in a ‘big’ publication, having Ed listed down the list. Not much phases me, but this was so pathetic.

So remember, before you tell me who is better, more influential… respectfully, save your breath.

Any killer guitarist that you mention would tell you that Eddie Van Halen is the greatest of all time if they know their stuff. Or else they are lying, jealous or below the age of 45.

“Respectfully, the biggest fkn Eddie VN Halen fan: -Jeff Van Waters”

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